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Th Balance Juice

Th Balance Juice contains the following which helps to eliminate cancer cells:

1. GM-1 (the most active xanthone) which kills cancer cells.

2. Alpha Hydroxy acid which traps free ions; preventing the growth of cancer cells.

3. Hydroxycitric acid which traps the enzyme used in the synthesis of fats which is a part of cancer cell wall lining.

4. Polysaccharides which is shown to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.


The key findings from Biomedical Technology Research Centre say that 4 Th17 Capsules a day for 15 days increase Th17 cells by 500% which increases the body’s ability to fight cancer.


Th17 Capsules

Th17 cells have been shown in published studies by Dr. Chen Dong, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center (Oct. 2009) and Dr. Carl June, the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania (Oct. 2010), to prevent the propagation of and kill cancer cells.



It is also reasonable to expect that 4 capsules per day, which have proven to increase Th17 cells, may be used preventatively for people who are more susceptible in developing cancer.


Th17 Regimen offers two modes of action in dealing with cancer cells: First is the direct action of the four active ingredients mentioned above; and second is directly from the increase of immune defense through the up-regulation of the Th17 cells.


Th17 Regimen provides a 'Dynamic Balanced Immunity' to keep the different groups of white blood cells - Th1, Th2, Th17 and T-Regulator - in the right balance so that the body can rebuild, recover and rejuvenate to good health.