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Th17Global is a division of Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited (APCO : that oversees the distribution of APCO products in providing national cancer care globally.


These products are the result of multi-disciplinary research undertaken in USA, Thailand and Italy. The team's research has been driven and expanded in part by recent important discoveries from the USA in 2007, on a new white blood cell known as Th17.


In 2012, a group of Asian Scientist headed by Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, CEO and Chairman of Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd (APCO), recorded the world’s first success in using an all natural plant-based nutritional regimen that is scientifically and clinically proven to increase Th17 levels naturally. However, these products have been taken by cancer sufferers since 2008.


The success came from the joint research and development efforts by the multi-disciplinary research with the support of the Thailand Government and many organizations from both the public and private sectors.


The products were officially launched at 6 August 2012 in the scientic seminar on Th17 in Bangkok at Swissotel Le Concorde.


Many cancer sufferers have benefited from this Regimen by having their quality of life significantly improved.



Background of Bim Scientific Team


The research work dates back to 1977 at the Prince of Songkhla University and Chiang Mai University. Today, BIM Scientific team led by Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra is part of Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd. (APCO), a public-listed company in Thailand Stock Exchange. In 2008, our BIM Scientific Team successfully developed a 100% natural plant-based nutritional regimen known as Th17 Regimen. BIM Scientists have published clinical papers that Th17 Capsules can raise Th1 cells by 100% and Th17 cells by 500% naturally. The Th Balance Juice represents a different mode of action that directly kills and controls the spreading of Cancer cells. Th17 Regimen demonstrates a dual mode of action to fight Cancer cells. 



Background and Brief Description

Following years of research dating back to 1977 at the Prince of Songkhla University and Chiang Mai University, Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd. (APCO), has produced clinical papers that have demonstrated the efficacy of Th17 Capsules which are derived entirely from natural sources that have been used as food for generations.


The products that are used (Th17 Capsules and Th Balance Juice) are referred to as the Th17 Regimen. The research team has found that the Th17 Regimen modulates the functions of T cells (lymphocytes) – a type of white blood cell – which are among the body’s natural defence mechanisms against the growth of cancer cells.


Th17 Capsules are natural dietary supplements that contain the following ingredients: Centella asiatica juice powder, black sesame extract, isolated soy protein, guava fruit juice powder, and mangosteen aril juice powder. The product is manufactured by Green Gold Co. Ltd., another APCO subsidiary, under GMP standards. The technology for producing the capsules is patented.


Studies on cancer care have shown that four Th17 Capsules (two each at lunch and bedtime) increase Th17 cells (an important white blood cell, which fights cancer cells) by 500% and increases Th1 (another white blood cell) by 100%.


Th17 has been shown in published studies by Dr. Chen Dong, MD Anderson Cancer Research Centre (Oct. 2009) and Dr. Carl June, the Abramson Cancer Centre at the University of Pennsylvania (Oct. 2010), to prevent the propagation of and kill cancer cells. Both researchers have discovered that Th17 is an effective white blood cell that combats cancer.


The second component of the Th17 Regimen is Th Balance Juice, a 300 ml serving of which contains mangosteen aril (80%) and water (20%); it is most commonly consumed before breakfast. The juice represents a different mode of action for controlling Cancer cells. The juice contains no mangosteen rind material, no residual pesticide, no liver toxic content of tannins, no added sugar, no artificial colour and no preservatives. In short, it is a completely natural product.


The importance of Th Balance Juice in the Th17 Regimen is that one sachet (300 ml) each day for 15 days significantly increases T-regulator (T-reg) cells. The increase in T-reg generated by the Th Balance Juice is beneficial for minimizing auto-immune symptoms in Cancer patients. T-reg suppresses Th1, Th2, and Th17, thereby reducing auto-immune symptoms.


Th Balance Juice eliminates Cancer cells through other modes of action, via the standardised contents of the following: 

1. GM-1, the most active xanthone in Garcinia Mangostana that kills cancer cells.

2. Alpha hydroxy acid that traps free ions and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

3. Hydroxycitric acid that traps the enzyme used in the synthesis of fats which is a part of cancer cell wall lining.

4. Polysaccharides that are shown to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.



For the management of Cancer Sufferers, it is recommended to take 1 sachet (300 ml) serving of Th Balance Juice before breakfast in the morning and three Th17 Capsules each time before lunch, dinner and bedtime.


Clinical Results

The company has been testing the Th17 Regimen on Thai Cancer patients since 2008. In a separate note, we highlight the results of eleven important case studies, nine from Thailand and two from Malaysia. The product has been used successfully on a number of Cancers: lung, prostate, lymphatic, bone, tongue, liver, and colon cancers. Many patients have reported that their lives had returned to normal, without side effects.


Several thousand customers have used the product as a dietary supplement to remedy other physical ailments. Parallel studies have been conducted by a professor at U. C. Davis, California and by Prof. Dr. Aldo Demicheli at CIISO (Consorzio Interuniversitario Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dell’Oncologia); CIISO is a consortium of 20 oncology departments in Italy. Patients’ quality of life have improved and no side effects have been reported.


Some anti-tumour activity has been observed by an American collaborator. In 2011, an 86-year old American, with late-stage pancreatic cancer did not qualify as a candidate for a clinical trial, since he had refused chemotherapy treatment. On his own, he obtained our capsules via an APCO associate’s website; he has taken the recommended dosage of Th 17 Capsules, has extended his life by 18 months, and is still alive.


To date, the Th17 Regimen has been used on scores of patients in the clinic, with no side effects. A clinical trial was undertaken in 2010 with 20 patients at Chiang Mai University to demonstrate that Th17 Capsules helped decrease pain in stage 4 lung cancer patients who did not respond to standard chemotherapy. Their quality of life improved and life expectancy has been extended.


The Th17 Regimen is now ready to be shared with the world. Aside from Thailand, where the products have already been launched, Natural Cancer Care Centre has decided to set up their regional office in Singapore, acting as the launching pad to the Asia region.



The key findings from independent testing at the Biomedical Technology Research Centre (a research facility of the Thai Government) show that four Th17 Capsules a day for 15 days increase Th17 by 500% and Th1 by 100%. Both of these Th cells are accepted as white blood cells that increase the body’s ability to fight cancer. Therefore, Th17 Capsules demonstrate a double action to fight cancer cells.


The 500% increase of Th17 from the Th17 Capsules is accompanied by a significant increase of T-reg (T-regulatory cells). T-reg cells are well known for regulating Th17 so that Th17 does not exceed a level which could lead to potentially harmful side effects. T-reg reduces auto-immune symptoms by suppressing Th1, Th2 and Th17.


Th17 Capsules may be used concurrently with chemotherapy to increase white blood cell count and blood platelets, thereby minimizing the severe side effects of chemotherapy. It is also reasonable to expect that 2-4 capsules per day, which are proven to increase Th1 and Th17, may be used preventatively for people who are more susceptible than average to developing cancer.


These data point toward the efficacy of Th17 Capsules in improving, without harmful side effects, the quality of life of all stages of cancer patients - even stage 4 - who have not responded to chemotherapy treatments.


The Th17 Regimen (a combination of Th Balance Juice and Th17 Capsules) offers two complementary modes of action in dealing with cancer cells. One is from direct action of standardized contents of the four active ingredients mentioned above and the second is directly from the increase of immune defence through the up-regulation of Th1 and Th17.